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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by Chris View Post
Sony knows better than anyone how quickly the tides can turn with the switch to a new generation.

That said... there's a lot noise here but social / mobile continue to dominate growth.
Social/mobile has definitely captured the casual gamer. And this is largely because of ease of use. The girlfriend that played Tetris and Dr. Mario with you in the 90's can play angry birds on her phone and isn't interested in long, drawn out story lines and games that have a high degree of difficulty. Casual gamers are looking for simple, easy to start and stop games that can fill the time in waiting rooms, lines and riding in the passengers seat of a car or while they happen to be also checking their facebook or email page. Something that is there with them while they are already doing what they need to.

I have gaming time set aside at the end of the day when my daughter has gone to bed and after my wife and I watch an episode of some show we like. I like to sit down and unwind. I like interactive story lines. Just popping bubbles, farming chickens and knocking things over with a sling shot isn't my thing.

Casual gamers are a large piece of the market and should be sought after. Their demands are simpler, both in terms of the player and the computing power required. It's easier to sell and easier to buy. So that's fine. But I don't think "hard core" gamers are going away. I think there will always be a market for the "gamer" as they are described - people who like sit down for extended periods of time with sole purpose of playing a video game. Just like radio didn't kill books, and TV didn't kill radio, video games will always be.
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