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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
Nyuk apparently didn't watch C-SPAN when the hearings were going on for this months ago.

The idea that Americans won't work many jobs that immigrants will is not a myth. There were witnesses upon witnesses stating that even when programs were put in place to specifically target US citizens as workers for certain jobs (picking apples was the first one I remember), time and time again the American workers would quit within a week, even at jobs that were paying $12. The work was "too hard."

Besides which, even if we implemented everything he's saying, prices would go through the roof due to lack of labor, and entire crops would die in the process. Not only would we see a huge lack of food production and out of control prices, all but the most hearty agro companies would go out of business.

It's an unfortunate fact that until you find people to replace those workers.
I blame the labor unions. They've pussified the American worker.
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