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Originally Posted by BroncoInferno View Post
Yeah, considering Orwell's commitment to Democratic Socialism, it's hilarious to see right-wingers like Pony Boy quoting him as if they're kindred spirits. Put it this way, Orwell would have been more likely to show up at an OWS protest than a Tea Party rally.
And not just that, he was very clear about the class delineation in that novel. Look at the difference in qualilty of life between those in the Outer Party (like Winston) and those in the Inner Party. That is to say, if you're not in the Inner Party, you're not in the Party at all...and the Inner Party constitutes the top 2% of the population.

News flash. That's not you, Pony Boy. Not only is it not you, it's not anyone you have ever known, or will ever know.

There's definitely a party going on, but you're not invited. Keep thinking you'll get there eventually...the joke's on you, though. You just don't realize it.
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