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I didn't dislike the film, but I didn't find it overly engaging either. There is a lot of action, but without much tonal variance. So, by the time I got to the final action sequence it had all devolved into one extended slog for me. The constant flashbacks seem to pop up any moment the film is gaining some sort of momentum and tap the brakes. In many ways, it feels like Snyder was being reactionary to some of the criticisms of Superman Returns. (Complaints that Brandon Routh just lifted heavy things for the entire move, so Henry Cavill engages in several extended fisticuffs. Returns was too much of an homage to the Richard Donner films, Man of Steel does everything in its power to visually differentiate itself from the Donner films ect)

The problem is, despite all the bombast and frenetic set pieces, the movie just isn't that fun. Its a serious, humorless affair that turns into a bit of a chore by the end of its 2 hour 23 minute run time. I can see how visually it appears as if this incarnation could exist in the same dour universe as Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy, which was probably the point. But, as much as I loved Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy, not every character benefits from that same treatment.

In the end, its way better than The Green Lantern Abomination from a couple of years ago, but still not as entertaining or fun as the recent Marvel movies. And as a DC fanboy, it kills me to see Marvel continue to own them at the Theatre.
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