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Originally Posted by Heyneck View Post
You do know that the xbox market is practically non existent in Japan and most of Asia right? So in a sense i does matter. The US buys more Xbox than Playstations and the Playstation just kicks the living crap out of the xbox in the Asian market. Still, until only a few weeks the Xbox was still the world leader in sold consoles. That should tell you how strong the Xbox is in the US and the rest of the world.

Wow... it's $100 more expensive! Sure that will be it's doom! Sony did ok, plus... the Xbox Elite went for the same $499 and sold by the ****loads. I am a gamer. The better games and best multiplayer experience is on the Xbox as of this e3.

I guess you would be lazy for google so here you go:

Now no enough info... or maybe you must think everybody makes those numbers up. Maybe you can try getting the info on the NPD website:

On a last note. Sure, it's a little restrictive on the used games subject (one that in time Sony will move to), but whining about constant INTERNET connection? I found this article on the sight and found it very interesting. Microsoft changed the game when it made you turn to a broadband connection to be able to play on Xbox live. This is something similar. But keep on hating.
Not just Asia, Europe, SA, everywhere else.
And again, you're missing the big point. The 360 had a headstart on the PS3, and the PS3 caught up to the 360. You're making it seem like the 360 dominates in the US, and that is just not completely true.
Its not just $100 more expensive, it has higher restrictions as well, and better games? Better experience online? How can you claim that when hardly anyone has actually played a XBone or PS4? Also, you underestimate the PSN, especially PS+. Just recently XBOX is starting to offer free games, something Sony has done for months now, and will continue to do so
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