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Originally Posted by TDmvp View Post
Besides going to the drive in right near my house that I think is the last one open in Ohio I haven't went out to see a movie in 10 years or more.
There,s a Drive in on US 2 just outside of toledo, I drive past it everytime I go to cedar point.

Originally Posted by baja View Post
I saw an 80 inch flat screen at Cosco for about 3 K. A home theater is getting affordable for more and more people.
Ive been eyeing that one, I wanted to go projector but the kids play alot of wii, and xbox Kinect and I wont have the ceiling height to do it properly, They have a 90 inch one too, but its like 9 grand, big jump for an extra 10 inches.

The new house will have a theatre room, got the popcorn popper, got the audio stuff already, nice onkyo with iphone app, going to use my old PC as a media center, picked up a 3 tb internal drive and a 60 day premium rapidgator membership, ive been downloading like crazy at 15 MB/ down.

Still take the kids to the drive in once a summer with 3 other familys just cuz the kids love it. Otherwise I wait till its out on DVD unless I come across a screener.
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