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Originally Posted by Heyneck View Post
Well... I don't talk Japaneses so most of the people I play with play in North America, South America and some places of Europe.

Now... you want figure ok.

Up to right now the Xbox has still sold more units world wide.
Again, a lot of gamers are around the world. Just because a console slightly outsells in one place, and is dominated in other places, that doesn't bode well for the future of the console.

This article hurts your case. Also, remember, the 360 had a 1 year head start on the PS3, and PS3 STILL will outsell the 360. Not to mention this article states the PS3 has a 51% market share, with the 360 37%.

I don't see any reference to a specific number of PS3 consoles sold, just a blatant claim that the 360 outsold the PS3.

People in the US just prefer the xbox. Deal with it. No a reliable source enough for you? Try this then.

this was back in January... still

Not enough? Then look up the consoles NPD sales in Google. American play Xbox, the billion Japs play Playstation.
Again, a LOT of people in the US play the PS3. A LOT of people that I knew were XBOX fanboys are completely jumping ship to the PS4 because you know what, its better.
Sony listens, and came up with a brilliant new console and implementations.

PS4 is cheaper, better hardware, and no restrictions. I think people forget how dominant Sega was in the console business back in the '90's, and when one of their new consoles failed hardcore, they couldn't recover. The dreamcast was good, but their image was tarnished.
Microsoft might be in for a rude awakening here.
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