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Say what you want but I think a huge reason why movies are not doing as well is because home theaters are just so good right now. People would rather pay $150 for a BlueRay movie at Redbox and go home on their couch and eat their $1 microwave popcorn and their .50 cent can of soda.

I'll still go see some movies at the theater, like the Avatar's and what not. But there's no way I'm going to go see some comedy or something and pay $25 (for 1 person).

Honestly it's not the price of movies that has gotten insane, it's the price you pay for popcorn, soda or candy. That's as much if not more then the movie itself.

I don't think movies will implode, I think the big screen is what's going to implode. Forget the "big 6". Let's blame the "big 2" (Harkins and AMC). The cost of their goodies is more then the damn movie itself.

Home theatres might be really good now but that's not really it. The movies coming out simply aren't good enough to make you want to pay $15 (or whatever) to go to the movies.
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