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Typical knee jerk by Feydakin -- who always assumes that industry -- in this case Monsanto -- got it right.

This hit piece by New Scientist is disgraceful -- and shows just how powerful Monsanto is.

According to New Scientist:

Tests like this have been done before, more rigorously, and found no effect of GM food on health. The French team claims to be the first to test for the animal's whole lifespan. But "most toxicology studies are terminated at normal lifespan 2 years", as this one was, says Sanders. "Immortality is not an alternative." And those tests did not find this effect.

This is wrong. The tests done by Monsanto only ran for 90 days. But in the new French study which replicated the Monsanto research and ran longer -- the cancers only showed up after 4-7 months.

The French study was peer reviewed and published in a highly respected international scientific journal.

New Scientist also exposes itself by citing unnamed toxicologists. This is a dubious trashing of good science. Why is it happening? Because this new evidence threatens a too big to fail corporation -- which now has a near monopoly on food production.

Before you believe Fedaykin, check out Engdahl's analysis:
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