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that took a massive hit as technology changed. That's my point I guess. I'm sure the industry will be around for decades, and NO ONE can predict the future, but the industry will definitely have to adapt to keep it's position.
I'd say its doing a fairly good job of adapting on the back end where most consumers aren't immediately able to tell. For instance, the majority of theaters no longer even ship physical film feels for releases. A majority of circuits are all linked by a digital network that allows them to electronically send movies/trailers out to the screens. This saves a ton of logistics legwork and allows films to get distributed in a much quicker and better quality manner.

I think the future will just kind of speed up the currently existing model -- theatre release, followed by an even quicker physical media release to the general public. They are already shipping discs pretty darn quickly after a theatrical release, I think that window will just keep shrinking as time goes on.
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