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Louis Wright

This move was obvious. We could not keep both Moreno and McG. Both are coming off injuries, McG is older, McG saves us a lot more cap room, end of story.

Timing? I think it could be to ensure McG was healthy, could be to ensure Moreno looked like he was going to be healthy, could be to give McG time to land. A bit surprised they did not wait and try to trade him to a team that loses a back in training camp, which makes me suspect option 3.

I think if 100% Moreno will start. People seem to forget how good he looked when healthy and after he got his head on straight. He blocks well, catches well, runs well. Monte may take over once he can prove he can pass-block.

Hester has been getting a lotta love from both the coaches and PFM. Too versatile to get rid of imho. I would expect Lance to be cut eventually if we stay injury free.

Not sure why some of the hate here for McG. He gave us a very solid running game when we had none and always handled himself in a classy manner. Thank you and good luck!
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