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Originally Posted by BroncoMan4ever View Post
Thomas isn't due for a new deal until after next season, same with Woodyard
Walton isn't a stud that will command major money.
Will we want Ayers back?
Beadles will be in line for a decent contract
Decker should probably get a deal in the 6million range.

add in the contracts that are expriring when Von, Thomas and Woodyard are coming due for new deal. Champ's contract is over and if he is still here it will be for a lot less than he gets now. Peyton's deal can be opted out of, Welker's deal is over.
deckers deal will be more then 6 million. the receiver market keeps going up and up every year. closer to 8 i see him getting... and DT in the mike wallace range. sadly we wont be able to keep both i dont think. unless they take a home town discount and just love playing with eachother
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