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Originally Posted by 24champ View Post
Try reading your articles before making statements like "Up to right now the Xbox has still sold more units world wide"...which is incorrect per your own link.

You are right. The articles is from a few weeks back. Still TheChamp24 asked me for some links and I came across that one first. Some post back claimed that the PS3 had already outsold the 360 since last year.

But before that post not once did I denied that the xbox wasn't getting outselled worldwide by the PS3. With the Asian market that is to be expected. What I have been claiming from the get go is that in the US that is not the case. The xbox 360 rules there. That's just the way it is... and all that matters to me. I could careless what that side of Asia buys. I don't play with them and I can't trade games with them. So?
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