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Originally Posted by TheChamp24 View Post
I'm not finding anything that stakes to this claim of yours. Please provide a reliable source. All I've seen are biased reports stating X360 outsold the PS3, but Sony apparently never releases numbers, so how can they know.
Everything I've read states PS3 has outsold X360 since the PS3 got released. The only reason X360 even had a lead in consoles was due to it being released a year earlier.
The fact the PS3 is neck and neck with the 360, releasing a year after the 360, should show you how well it has sold.
And since when do gamers only play ins the USA?
Well... I don't talk Japaneses so most of the people I play with play in North America, South America and some places of Europe.

Now... you want figure ok.

Up to right now the Xbox has still sold more units world wide.

There were adjustments to the sales figures this week. Most notable were the increases in the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Vita hardware sales. The PlayStation 3 is now just 50,000 units behind the Xbox 360 and will become the second bestselling home console of the 7th generation in the next couple of weeks. The PlayStation Vita was adjusted above 5 million units.

The hardware sales apparently beat out the competition, making Xbox the top-selling console in the US for the 27th consecutive month. Global Xbox 360 console sales now top 77.2 million, with 1.3 million in he last quarter.

Microsoft also won the total platform spend tally again, with $402 million dropped by US consumers on hardware, software and accessories.

People in the US just prefer the xbox. Deal with it. No a reliable source enough for you? Try this then.

this was back in January... still

At least 281,000 people became the brand new owners of an Xbox 360 during the month of January, Microsoft has announced. This feat, as we mentioned yesterday, marks January as the twenty-fifth consecutive month in which the 360 has been the best-selling console in the United States, as well as its eighteenth month as the best-selling piece of gaming hardware in general.

When asked for comment, our Xbox sat there and whirled its disc drive at us, because it's an Xbox, and we don't know what we were expecting.

Not enough? Then look up the consoles NPD sales in Google. American play Xbox, the billion Japs play Playstation.
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