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Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
You really think McGahee or MENDENHALL is better than what we have now at running back? And you'd prefer Mendehall to arguably the best slot receiver to ever play the game?

I don't even get the original argument. Shaun Phillips will adequately fill a pass rushing role, but if you had the chance to get Aldon Smith, would you pass on that?
I see our RB corps as thin now, and I'm nowhere near ready to hand it all over to Montee Ball. McGahee was injury-prone anyway so I was hoping for another veteran there. I felt that Stokley was adequate at slot and that the $6 million could be better spent on beefing up the backfield and whatever else. It's not a shot at Welker at all. It's just that we have several needs.

I hope I'm wrong. Rub my face in it, PLEASE.

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