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Matty P

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
This is where I'm coming from. Games and pricing usually guides my purchasing decision. I don't understand the fanboy angle at all. You know, you can own more than one!

My system progression has been as follows:

2nd Gen
Atari 2600

3rd Gen

4th Gen
Super Nintendo

5th gen
N64 - I bought this solely for Golden Eye. It was worth it.

6th Gen

7th Gen

8th Gen
Probably PS4. This also may be the first generation I don't own a Nintendo system since Nintendo began selling video game systems.
I was stride for stride with you until the 7th gen, then I went PS3 only.

I was seriously considering the purchase of an XBOX in addition to the Sony this go around, but I'm probably going to scrap that and get back into Nintendo. I really enjoy the family/friends aspect of things like wii sports, and also have a hankering for some Zelda/Mario. It seems like the most "interactive" of the systems in terms of getting a group of people involved.

EDIT: Now that I say that, I just went to check out the new offerings...I'm not sure how sports are going to work with the new controller!

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