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It will be a while until discs go away when the average broadband user in the U.S. has a 1-2mbps connection and games are in the 30-50 GB range. Not to mention ISPs trying to introduce monthly bandwidth caps already.
Not sure that's average, but if you think about it people living where only that kind of bandwidth is available probably don't exactly live next door to a Gamestop either. For many of those people, shipping is the only real alternative. And even at 1.5Mbps, downloading will usually be faster than shipping.

To be honest, I think there is a good chance we'll skip over digital download entirely and move to a streaming service for video games. Gaikai is a solid set up today and getting better all the time. Now it has a hell of a lot more financial muscle behind it (when Sony bought them) and is designing a single hardware interface that will let them make better use of the local hardware to assist the stream quality. It'll be a Netflix style service for gaming and requires no massive single download to play.
Meh. That kind of platform will be good for MMO type platforms someday. But you can't go from an argument about the need for raw horsepower and 6 gig of gddr5, and then start talking about streaming games. It would take a ****load of bandwidth to deliver anything close to high-end graphics. And that's not even getting into the latency issues. Though I guess if the streaming service hosted multiplayer, that might alleviate some of that problem (if you're primarily into multiplayer)

Now the silicon is like to like, based off the same family of GPUs. The numbers comparison really does hold up because you can compare what each one is most like in the graphics market and get a pretty good picture. Across the board the PS4's GPU is more like the Radeon 7850 while the Xbox One is more like the 7770. There is a tangible performance gap between those cards.
This is really kinda depressing when you think about it. So if we're lucky, the PS4 will be right about on par with a 2-generation old 5870 that was released 4 years ago. I think the biggest thing this "next gen" might do is drive real enthusiasts back to PC (where they belong )
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