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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Dude discs are going away. Someone has to build a model to allow people to sell digitally distributed games, which MS appears to be trying. They're also letting developers do the same thing with optical media because differentiating rights based on how the media was delivered wouldn't really be fair either. Its a sticky issue but sticking to the "you have to stick a disc from the game store in" model is riding a dinosaur. The alternative is no used game market at all next time around.
It will be a while until discs go away when the average broadband user in the U.S. has a 1-2mbps connection and games are in the 30-50 GB range. Not to mention ISPs trying to introduce monthly bandwidth caps already.

I'm digital only on my Vita and I have a lot of digital content on my PS3 and 360 (though most of the PS3 stuff comes from PS+). I have a 60mbps broadband connection and get great download speeds. I'm still not interested in an all digital download future in the next several years, it's simply not viable.

To be honest, I think there is a good chance we'll skip over digital download entirely and move to a streaming service for video games. Gaikai is a solid set up today and getting better all the time. Now it has a hell of a lot more financial muscle behind it (when Sony bought them) and is designing a single hardware interface that will let them make better use of the local hardware to assist the stream quality. It'll be a Netflix style service for gaming and requires no massive single download to play.

Originally Posted by lolcopter View Post
older article, but relevant

they have a pretty lol ps4 mockup, prob worth clicking just for that
The big mistake with the part you quoted was that they didn't explain how the PS3's TFLOP number was calculated by Nvidia, while the 360, PS4, and Xbox One's were all done by ATi. They use dramatically different formulas.

Now the silicon is like to like, based off the same family of GPUs. The numbers comparison really does hold up because you can compare what each one is most like in the graphics market and get a pretty good picture. Across the board the PS4's GPU is more like the Radeon 7850 while the Xbox One is more like the 7770. There is a tangible performance gap between those cards.

Originally Posted by Doggcow View Post
Why do people keep bringing up the system specs like it matters?

All the games for the next 5 years will be developed with the lowest consoles specs in mind. So having higher specs is irrelevant.

Also, why doesn't anyone mention that XBox Live is WAY ****ING BETTER than PSN?

I own both systems and I absolutely refuse to ever ****ing buy a Multiplayer game on PS3.

I'll be buying both consoles, but really, Madden is all that I'll probably play, and a handful of CROSS PLATFORM FPS, which we will probably all be buying day 1 (which means who cares if we cant borrow our friends').

PC's slaughter both, and will be able to take advantage of superior capabilities. Consoles aren't about benchmark performance. Get off of it.
Doubtful. They're all x86 based systems now, optimization will be very simple for each system. Also PC has scaled to different hardware for years upon years, and now the PS4 and Xbox One are nearly identical to that PC hardware, they'll just roll the scaled assets from the PC version over to the consoles and lock them in at what they can best handle.
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