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Did copy paste it... and no. DDR3 does not operate faster than DDR5 in most cases.
The ‘G’ of the PS4's GGDR5 RAM stands for ‘graphics’, and this is a type of memory commonly used in dedicated PC graphics cards – although some do use DDR3 instead, usually cheaper models. In a shamelessly generalising sense, DDR3 is used for main system memory and GDDR5 for graphics-based tasks.

Like, y’know, gaming.


Estimates put the PS4’s memory bandwidth at 176GB/second, compared to 68GB/second for the Xbox One.


The Xbox One’s problems don’t end with memory. Although both consoles feature AMD-made GPUs, the PS4’s is significantly more powerful.

A tear-down from Wired magazine reveals that the Sony PS4’s GPU has 50 per cent more shader cores than the Xbox One – 1,152 against 768. And, further descending into the details, their TFLOP ratings, which measure how many operations a second they can perform, are far removed from each other.

The PS4 is rated at 1.8TFLOPs, the Xbox One just 1.23TFLOPs. However, this rating in particular has tended to bear little relation to actual results – the PS3 was widely reported as being a 1.8TFLOP system at its launch. And the PS3 is nowhere near as powerful as the PS4.

That said, the PS3 is spec-for-spec significantly more powerful than the Xbox 360 - and yet its games are not notably better-looking across the board. Is this just history repeating itself?

The game is completely different this time around, because Sony has sensibly abandoned the Cell system architecture used in the PS3. The Cell architecture of the PS3 was notoriously difficult to code for, compared to the more familiar PowerPC-based Xbox, thereby piddling away much of the console’s technological superiority.

This time, the new systems from Microsoft and Sony share the x86 architecture, as seen in Windows-powered laptops and desktops across the world.

There’s no getting around it – the Sony PS4 is more powerful than the Xbox One. And as much as we may try to look for technical ways Microsoft may have slyly bridged the gap, they just aren’t there – yet.
older article, but relevant

they have a pretty lol ps4 mockup, prob worth clicking just for that
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