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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by Heyneck View Post
it didn't crash. Battlefield didn't load for a long time. The Crimson dragon was a trailer that had nothing to do with running on the xbox one. Still, the xbox didn't crash... the ps4 did.
Are you serious? Thanks for the scoop! I could have walked into a financial nightmare. This is a total game changer. I mean the PS4 has no limitations on used games and is $100 cheaper, but if the PS4 demo for Assassin's Creed III crashed at E3 and XBox one's BF4 sort of didn't crash, that more than makes up for those limitations, by like a Million percent.

That settles it for me. I will never buy anything Sony ever again. You should let the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Reports know! Sony will bankrupt in a month!
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