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I encourage anyone with a taste for unintentional comedy to tune in to Sharpton's show. Regardless of what your political leanings, the sheer delight of watching someone who does not belong on camera actually try to HOST a show is hilarious. For someone who is actually quite an eloquent speaker, his grip on the job of talk show host is...something else.

As far as other personalities, Chris Matthews is another on MSNBC who does a fairly decent job of telling both sides, or at least encouraging debate. His problem (if you're the type who thinks TV personalities must be balanced) is that he makes no bones about where he stands, and he's got more experience in Washington than most who do that type of job, so he often talks over his guests.

I also don't mind watching The Cycle, but that's only because of the pop culture stuff...its basically The View for people under 40, and because I like imagining myself cockslapping the atheism right off SE Cupp's face.
Matthews cuts people off too often when he doesn't like where their point is going... but it at least an attempt to boht sides getting their say. My favorite segment is typically your routine liberal MSNBC constribtor and Mike Steele on the other side... you can tell eventually Steele just gives up and has a polite smile... I kind of chuckle... it is no different in The Five on Fox, no matter what the chubby liberal says the other 4 just start talking over him... that must be frustrating.
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