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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
It was set in 1984. I think you mean he overestimated the technology.

I'm not saying that we're just now reaching the point where the government can listen in to the extent portrayed in the novel...considering the first voice recognition tech became publicly available in the late 90s, this has likely been going on since the early 90s or earlier, even, which is why I don't really get the surprise a lot of people have.

But I suggest you re-read the novel...some of the stuff in there we don't even have yet, and definitely didn't have 30 years ago.

Yes I didn't state that correctly. The point I want to make is given today's technology it would be very hard to break out of the tyranny once it is dialed in. No place to run no way to organize we would be in total lock down while they calmly go about their culling of the herd down to the 500 million they have as a target global population.
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