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1. Keep a pair of underwear and socks in your carry-on, even if all you have is a tiny bag - if **** happens you will be happy.

2. Bring a toothbrush, some mints, a mini tooth paste in your carry on, after a long flight you stink and getting freshened up helps big time.

3. When you fly to Europe it will be an overnight flight, get a window seat if you can so you don't get woken up by people who walk in the aisle or someone sitting next to you getting up.

4. Try to get at least 3 hours of shut eye on overnight flights, the time difference is 8 hours and you will land in the morning, so it will be a long damn day if you didn't get a snooze. On the way back you will fly during the day, so just watch movies, read books.

5. Definitely bring your own head-phones, make sure they are decent.

6. Bring earplugs - thank me later.

7. Don't drink the airport, but first thing when you get on the plane, have a beer, it will settle you down.

8. Make sure you eat in the airport or just before you get there - make it a full meal. I know they feed you on the plane but unless you are in 1st class it is not enough and it doesn't taste great - being hungry on a plane for 8 hours SUCKS.

9. You will see people wear long socks and short pants AND sandals - its a European thing and even we don't think it looks cool - DON'T do it.

10. A lot of things close early and most things are closed on Sundays, it is getting better, but still not great.

11. People will leave their kids and dogs outside, don't frown on it or mention it, people will think you are being weird.

12. Have a great time, see as much as you can and drink the beer - make sure you try a real Bavarian weissbier - in fact try several.
I agree except for the bolded. I get the Port early so I can spend an hour or so in the bar. I like to get on the plane liquored up, it makes the time fly and I don't notice any of the other annoying people on the plane.
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