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Most of what I would say has been said. I say screw the no sleeping on flights thing. Get on the flight and get a good sleep so in the morning when you land you are ready to go. Two things on that. 1- Have a few drinks to put you out faster on the flight. 2. Do Not eat a big breakfast, especially of you are tired. It will only drag you down.

Now for other important things.

1. Always take a pre-flight duece! Nothing worse than having to drop the kids off on the plane- even if you are in first class. Whats more is after you get your meal and are comfy and watching a movie you want to see- you will have to take a dump (if you didnt)....This sucks, because you have the tray on your lap, and (unless your in first or biz- you can not pause) so you miss out on your movie. Plus, its an airplane toilet- need I say more?

Always go out with an empty tank!

Next- bring some pop tarts or some kind of morning snack. You will be a little jet lagged, everyone always is, otherwise it would be a renown cure! So bring something quick and easy to eat in the morning when you get up, because likely all of the restaurants will still be closed and not open. Something that doesnt need to be prepared or refrigerated, etc...Beef jerkey- whatever. I like PB&J personally.

Have a backpack (or the like) as a carry on with a snack and change clothes- like basketball shorts and shirt- something comfy incase your bags dont make it etc. Nothing worse then being stuck in a suit or whatever your are in for a day or two without a comfy change up.
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