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Default Official Survivor sign up thread

Sorry for the delay in this folks, lots of personal stuff going on here.

If you want to play Survivor this year, please sign up! We are looking to start next week, and be done on or before July 4. After you sign up, there will be more instructions to follow.

If you have any questions as to what this game is or what it entails, please PM Apaops5 or myself. We're both former champs in Survivor, we'll show you the ropes. :snuff:

Here we go, this should be a BLAST.


1. DBroncos4life
2. Broncosteven
3. Bowtown
4. Conklin
5. Falconer
6. Irish Stout
7. BFLOSurvivor
8. Rabb
9. Kaylore
10. ghwk
11. Ultimatehobo
12. Bmoremanning?
13. BM4E
14. Dr. Broncenstein
15. Phibacka31
16. Gunns
17. Requiem
18. Heyneck
19. Ludo21
20. Quoydogs

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