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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Anyway, since I have to connect the dots for you... supporting something in principle (or opposing it) does not imply that it directly impacts you.
Well I should think you'd have to "connect the dots" since that's a pretty terrible comparison. No, gay marriage doesn't impact me directly and neither does this NSA issue. But the former potentially directly impacts gay people. Who does the latter potentially directly impact?

Let me help you out here since you can't seem to come up with a reasonable concern. Here's somebody actually stating a valid concern:

I find it quite likely that NSA isnít currently abusing the phone surveillance program Ö but someday there will be a different president in the White House, there will be a different head of NSA, and there will be different professionals running the program. What will they do with all that data the next time something happens that makes America crazy for a few years? I donít know, but I do know that if they donít have the data in the first place they canít abuse it.

See how that works? He has a position and he actually makes a specific case for it that makes sense, and doesn't have to use humor or sarcasm or personal attacks to do it.
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