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Originally Posted by ol#7 View Post
VAT, Value Added Tax is already included, the price you see is the price you pay.

The dollar is getting its ass kicked though Durango. 1k Euro will cost over 1300 USD. Varies slightly day to day. Not enough to worry about though.

I still say sleep on the plane if you can. I drink heavily and take sleeping pills. The Heath Ledger method. Also better to fly non-stop, it's a long ass trip, though I am sure your already locked in.

When saying goodbye a casual 'Choose' will suffice.

Agree with Ray that if you land during the day not to nap or make it short (hard to do with jet lag, so I avoid the naps) and try to go to bed in the evening. First day makes or breaks your week. Take it easy, eat stroll, but dont venture too far. Brothels are more of a day 2 thing.

Mexican food here sucks. So does most Chinese. I would/do avoid the doner shops/stands, they are popular but also not so good for the tourist stomach. Awesome bakeries/cafe's though.

Great Italian Ice Cream places everywhere, cheap too.

Everything is closed on sundays (except some gas stations and restaurants).

Dont forget my Krispy Kreme.

Great tips, but what I meant was that the dollar is solid and can often be used to pay for items in many places around Europe and even Germany.

I have payed for things in dollars several times, once at a cafe in Berlin. The server didn't even blink. He didn't convert to the more expensive Euro either.

I really like Germany a lot. France, not so much. Italy is pickpocket central.

As many have said here Taco John, make arrangements to secure your money and credit cards and don't carry large amounts of cash.
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