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Originally Posted by BowlenBall View Post
How to Whoop Jet Lag

1) If it's a night flight, don't sleep -- just pull an all nighter and watch movies or read books.

2) Get out in the sunlight after arrival, to re-adjust your body clock.

3) If #1 and #2 don't work (or you don't follow them), then take some melatonin an hour or two before when you want to sleep on night #2, and that should do the trick.

4) Ditto on all three points coming back to the states.....
This. On my flights to and from the Netherlands, I just put back coffee while every key sleeps. Once you get there, it's daylight... You're a little tired but not as much as you'd expect. And that night you get great sleep and your ready to take on the Germans.

Also.... German beer isn't really that great. You can get similar quality in the US.... Just not from Coors.
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