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I must say I'm quite surprised at the reactions by people like Tony and elsid. I highly doubt they had the same views on this as they had in the early 2000's, which lends credence to the double standard claim the conservatives are making. We have enough double standards from the right when they bellyache about this stuff as if Obama and the democrats were somehow the masterminds...we don't need it from you, too.

I think the more important question here is what does everyone planning on doing about it? I see a whole helluva lot of whining, outrage and feigned shock and surprise, but I don't see anyone proposing any solutions, and certainly nothing of what people are planning on doing on a personal level to address it.

You can complain all you want, but unless and until you're ready to get out on the front lines and DO something, you're still a sheep, whether your name is Beavis or Tony.
It'll be interesting to see what Europe does. They have a real market opportunity to create competing services that guarantee privacy. And even if that doesn't turn out to be true, at least they have less vested interest in the politics and beliefs of those living halfway across the planet.

Otherwise I don't know what to tell you. I won't support anyone who takes the Feinstein/Graham/Boehner line on this. I'd like them all removed at this point (Democratically) to be honest. I've been pretty surprised at some of the right's reaction. Both sides are literally split in two over this, which I didn't expect. Yes, you can always assume some people are posturing. But today, if a Republican comes out in support of this, you know for sure, they're really ok with it (because posturing would work the other direction)

I really wish there were a libertarian middle. That just isn't the reality at this point.

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