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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Once again as a someone who will likely be a former 360 owner who paid for XBox live gold, that's a lateral move for me.
Its a bit better than a lateral move as PS+ (the service Sony is now requiring for online play) has up to this point and continuing onward been more like a "Cheese of the Month" club for video games, where they give out new games every month for PS+ subscribers.

Every E3 they update a handful of year round offers, so this is a VERY heavy month for PS+ offers, but right now having a sub lets you play Deus Ex: Human Revolutoin, Saints Row III (in a week or so when it goes live), Uncharted 3, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and Little Big Karting without any additional money down. There are also some indie/small studio titles included (like Machinarium this month). It's a pretty amazing value if you like a diverse selection in games.

Originally Posted by Chris View Post
Interesting I thought people liked CIV5 (my spellchecker just tried to change that to COC). That dev team is filled with great guys and their lead designer, at least on 4, is about 26 and grew up playing Civ.
5 moved the depth and subsystems list backwards from 4, which you could somewhat see because it is pretty intimidating, but core Civ fans like the depth. Also, the Legends of Revolution mod felt like a more effective city state/minor nations implementation than what Civ 5 did and teh city state system was supposed to be the big new addition.

I like the hex grid map and upgraded visuals, but I need that deeper more instanced simulation to keep me engaged. Nothing like having everything break right early in a game and find yourself rolling helicopters against archers by ~1750.
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