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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
On strictly humanitarian grounds, I can't agree. For one thing, Putin is the most repugnant thug I can think of. Unfortunately, there seems to be no good alternative. Who knows what will come out of this civil war? Totally unpredictable. I can't agree with the policy of stability at all costs, though. Usually, the foundation of such a policy is simply the old dictum, "What's good for business..." Human beings have to start looking for other philosophical foundations for policy making. It's simply more greed-based thinking. I do agree that we have to exterminate religious fundamentalism. It's time to leave the Medieval world behind.

America has a hard time letting other countries decide their own fates. We need to start working on that. If we would become more energy self-sufficient, we would find that what happens in places like Syria is pretty much unimportant to us on most levels. I'm afraid we'll stick our noses in it just because Israel has such a long and successful history of dragging us into its business. We should provide humanitarian aid where possible. That's it.

I wonder when the American government is going to start nation-building in America?
What about GW Bush and Dick Cheney?

If you look at numbers -- the total of dead bodies -- Bush/Cheney were worse than Putin, by far.
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