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Originally Posted by extralife View Post
Bioshock is bad and overrated. Bioshock Infinite is straight up terrible. They don't have top tier narrative anything. They have bottom tier storytelling. I'm actually qualified to make that claim. And I have, for some reason, written thousands and thousands of words on these games.

System Shock 2 is pretty incredible, though. It was also made in 1999. Game design was a very different beast in those days.

Not every AAA game is terrible, no. But the vast majority of them acquiesce to a very predictable, mostly hands-off set of design decisions that I have no interest in exploring (if you can even use that word), coupled with extremely inconsequential mechanics often meant to bridge the gap between QTEs. And most of them similarly have gross, teenage aesthetic and narrative trappings build around hyper violence, misogyny, and boring revenge or faux-justice narratives. For games where these things hold, I am not interested. There are thousands of games available to me to play at any one time. I have no need to drop $60 on anything built around systems, mechanics, and aesthetics that range anywhere from uninteresting to appalling.
I have to agree and that's one reason why I left the industry a few months ago. Naughty Dog are a nice exception. I thought AC2 was a tremendous game.
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