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Originally Posted by Drek View Post
Those are just the retail releases. The biggest innovation will come in Sony's indie titles, many of which were shown off yesterday as well. The guys who made Bastion have a new game called Transistor coming to PS4. Jonathan Blow, the creator of Braid, is making his next game The Witness for PS4 as well (both are console exclusives, FYI). This is because Sony is actually allowing indie designers to self publish on the PS4's marketplace.
Those are not "Sony's indie titles." They will be available everywhere. Sony is merely highlighting them (and giving some of them money) for publicity purposes. Anyone with a real interest in independent gaming beyond bullet points in favor of one gated hardware platform over another would do well to stick with PC, where independent games are released literally every day. Self-publishing on the PS4 is a big deal for developers, but unless you are allergic to playing games on a computer it's not that consequential for any informed gamer.

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