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I don't understand the Patrick Peterson stuff. If anyone thinks we should have drafted him over Von Miller they are crazy, pure and simple. If we had already had a great pass rush, sure, draft an awesome corner. Since we didn't at the time, unless he's Deion Sanders in his prime right out of the gate, it's not worth it.

And Rev, that's an excellent play by PP in that GIF but jesus don't compare THAT to Champs toe on the sidelines INT against the Saints.

And Redskin Bronco, I hear you on the notion that Portis was an integral part of your two playoff years but it's not like you guys made it very far. In my opinion, it was a shortsighted move for the Redskins, like putting a turbo charger on one of those 2001 Chevy Cavaliers that some kids tried to pass of as A. fast, and B. cool. For the Broncos, it was very smart. We knew we didn't need Portis to have a run game, and the guy we traded for is STILL a Pro Bowler ten years after the trade and will go into Canton in Bronco Orange and Blue.

One thing that's also been overlooked is Tatum Bell. He also had a couple very good years for us and one went all the way to the AFC Championship game. It's not like Portis was a bust, and he was very good for you guys for a stretch, but the trade was so good for the Broncos that I think many people would call it lopsided.
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