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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
easy to get them to talk they want to be famous and the notion of a book, that lasts forever immortalizing their crimes, gets them off. Its for attention and if you spent any time around criminals you would see most of them love to talk and brag. Attorneys always joke that just getting your client to shut up is half the battle in a criminal case.

the DA will just stick a jailhouse informant nearby and wait to hear all the good stuff he has done.
Not Richard Kalinski. That dude was sick in a whole different way. Until his family needed money and HBO stepped in and offered to take care of them the only person he talked with was Philip Carlo.

The thing that creeps me out about him is no remorse. I mean none. It's almost fascinating that you could do those types of things to people.. Evil things like having people eatin' alive by rats and video taping it so you could rewatch it kinda things and have zero remorse about it. He did though.

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