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Bill Maher? The guy liberals pick and choose when to quote him? Funny, didn't see him quoted when he stated a couple months ago outrage about being taxed to death in CA and hinting he may move if it continues.

But the lovely "teabag" stuff again. Liberals just love to believe they are for tolerance, but on one side, you believe you are such loving people by supporting gay marriage, but then you spend most days calling people you don't like gay or gay terms, so deep down it shows you must think being gay is wrong since there would be no reason to people such things. Yeah, I know logic is difficult for most liberals to understand, but spend the day figuring it out. You support gay rights, yet mock people with calling them gay who aren't gay. This is how you support gay people? Nice. The hypocrisy, contradictions, and hypocrisy reigns supreme in these forums. There is no serious discussions around here because there can't be when this garbage is done 24/7.

Even now, with you liberals admit to being wrong and state the Patriot Act was ok when Bush instituted it? Nah, of course not, but it's good now because Obama is in charge. You guys just look even more dumb by the day with how you change stances solely based on which party is in charge and comes up with someone. And yet you claim to be the "deep" thinkers. Ridiculous.

Keep up the great work around here. No wonder so many don't post around here anymore. That's what happens when liberals are running the show. Boredom and hypocrisy is what you get. Congrats.
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