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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by B-Large View Post
Do we want:

1. Unobstructed Civil Liberties, with the trade-off being security failures and domestic attacks we consider collateral damage of a free country.

2. High Security, a dragnet that perhaps catches the 9/11 conspirators or the Boston Brothers with the trade off not knowing where, when and for how long that data is used and stored.

To me a strong domestic defense comprises not only military might but also strong informatics that identify and diffuse threats.... perhaps the the question that needs to be asked is what is the spirit of the Constitution, the 4th Amendment as it applies to 2013?
The 4th amendment doesn't say anything about "...unobstructed Civil Liberties..." It says the government has to have probable cause and a warrant, and not just to seize "...persons, houses, papers, and effects..." but to search them as well.
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