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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Off topic from top 12 but Welker is a guy being way undervalued in ADP drafts and top 100 lists i have seen. Its like they think Broncos won't get him the ball more then 50-60 times. I think what we are going to see is Tamme on the bench backing up Welker in the slot and Stokley obviously nowhere on the field at all. That leaves about 70-80 balls for Welker IMO and he may churn out 1000 yrds on that and some tds close to double digits.

I'm not even sure his arrival impacts Black and Decker at all either. Welker doesn't vulture too many looks outside the hash marks or downfield. I think DT is top 5 WR, Decker and Welker both top 15. It's going to be a record breaking year for the Denver offense. Can't you all just feel it? Better oline with Gibbs teaching them some zone blocking. 2 young rbs now one who is still youngest player in the NFL in his 2nd yr. Then to top it off 3 really good WR all who compliment each other. Seriously could they be any more different? DT is a freak of size and speed who can dominate you physically on the LOS and downfield after the catch. Decker is long and lean and runs percise routes in the redzone. Welker is a freak ankle breaker slot machine who is nothing like either of the other 2 WR. Its the perfect mix and quite frankly unless Manning goes down this offense is going to be incredibly dominant.

Kuper comes back from injury and Vasquez plays well we go along way to solidifying the interior oline. I worry about center. That is the only spot on the offense I worry about.
3 Top Wr's on ONE team makes me want to stay away. There's just not going to be any consistency there week in/week out. I'm passing.
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