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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Everyone talking about how this is really the yr everyone waits until late to start taking QBs. I was sort of wondering if that meant and when players like Ryan, Manning, Newton would start to get picked. I usually wait until 7th round to take a QB but if everyone is waiting maybe i will go early this yr and try and grab a top 5 qb.
Nah man. Other than two top flight WR's, there's an abundance of them. And I'd still pass. RB's are super thin and Qb's at the elite top are as well. RB's will go very high mainly because there really isn't much there. Manning, Ryan will go high. Manning(broncos) fell last year, he will not this year and will skyrocket to the top. He'll go round one or two.

Quick look at my tables suggest RB's followed by QB's high. Such a huge drop off with elite RB's/Qb's. WR's are everywhere even if you're in a 3WR/PPR league.
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