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Originally Posted by Quoydogs View Post
He was pure evil but was nothing compared to Richard Kalinski. " The Ice Man "
That dude is one messed up **** !

Glad they are both dead. What a waste of a life.

There is an author out there named Philip Carlo. He wrote books on both of them. Confessions of a Mafia Killer was about the Ice man and was one of the best books I have ever read.

The night stalker was good also. How he go these guys to talk about what they did is amazing.
easy to get them to talk they want to be famous and the notion of a book, that lasts forever immortalizing their crimes, gets them off. Its for attention and if you spent any time around criminals you would see most of them love to talk and brag. Attorneys always joke that just getting your client to shut up is half the battle in a criminal case.

the DA will just stick a jailhouse informant nearby and wait to hear all the good stuff he has done.
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