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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by Beantown Bronco View Post
My only nit, other than your prediction of course

Regular season, yes. Playoffs say otherwise.
I would say it is pretty conclusive:

Stanley cup year:

26 points in 20 (pittsburgh)
15 point in 23 (detroit)
15 points in 22 (chicago)

29 point in 22

22 point in 22

28 points in 22

(all of them have had at least 1 point per game in a Stanley cup finals run)

23 points in 25

12 points in 25

20 points in 23

19 point in 25

(none of them have had 1 point per game in a Stanley cup finals run)

Then let us look at this year:

Hossa: 14 in 17
Sharp: 14 in 17
Toews: 9 in 17
Kane: 14 in 17
Total: 51 in 17

Krejci: 21 in 16
Lucic: 13 in 16
Bergeron: 11 in 16
Marchand: 13 in 16
Total: 58 in 16

There is no evidence to suggest that Boston's 4 have a history of being better in the playoffs or in fact that they have been better in the playoffs this year. Boston had 7 games against a weak Toronto team and Chicago had 5 against a weak Minnesota team. Boston then had 5 against the Rangers and the Hawks had 7 against Detroit - evaluating the relative talent of those teams is not easy but through 12 it is pretty even for both teams. The real difference is that the Hawks had 5 games against the Kings and Quick while the Bruins had 4 against the Pens and what can only be described as a leaky defense.

Krejci has really picked his game up this year and on the flip side Toews is not playing as well as could be expected for a guy who has a Conn Smyth trophy and was named best forward in the Olympics.
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