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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
He was still on death row over 25 years. Amazing how bad California is on killing these animals as the liberal courts (and I mean waaaaay liberal courts) try to figure out the 29 step process of making sure the body feels nothing when they inject them.

Now on to my personal feelings of this beast. He terrorized OC, SF and LA and had everyone on edge. It could be 98 degrees outside and no one left their windows or doors open and unlocked. This guy didn't go after prostitutes, he went after anyone and anywhere. He got caught while being in the city next to mine an hour from LA and 8 hours from SF. Scary thought where everyone was a target.

On a side note, I was in TJ during my young 20s and meet the Mission Viejo (city next to mine) guy who was working on his motorcycle when he saw Ramirez running across his yard (or street) and got the description of the stolen car he was driving. Once they found the car, they got the fingerprints and then ID him. He told me he got a ton of free motorcycle stuff from companies just because it was mentioned of his late night fixation with motorcycles.
death penalty not worth the trouble. We should ditch it.
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