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There is a belief that the hotel Richard Ramirez used as a sort of base ops attracts serial killers. This is due to the nature of the hotel to serve transients or people with little money and allows people to come and go without being noticed.

The Cecil hotel had Richard Ramirez stay there. A reporter from Australia who had been doing a story on Ramirez stayed there. And he more than covered Ramirez, he apparently coveted him and stayed at the Cecil in homage. He ended up killing 3 prostitutes.

They also just found a body at the bottom of one of the water towers that sits atop the building. No one knows how the lady got in there but surveillance video showed her appear to be running from someone.

It is a creepy back story to an already sick and twisted story.
What's really disturbing about that story is the thought of all those people drinking that water...
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