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Originally Posted by TheElusiveKyleOrton View Post
Drugs. Was once heavily involved in my school's Just Say No program. Now I'm all "hey hey hey, smoke weed every day."

God. Taught from a young age that the bible was real and true, and then you look at it objectively and... yeah, no. Jesus was a great man, but the Son of God? Born of a Virgin? Nope. Not buying.

Abortion. I'm still against abortion (would never ask or tell a girlfriend to have one), but I'm also in favor of a woman making her own healthcare decisions. Can't see how government minimalists feel they should have a say over someone's body.

The Republican Party. Grew up in a Republican household, with conservative values. The neocon movement completely changed my mind on this.
This. Also changed my mind on gay marriage, if they want to get married and be miserable...let them.
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