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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Yeah great example. Of how the government can gather all this info and be absolutely useless to do anything productive with it. You do realize this program was already in place. Oh and the Ruskies told us to watch out for these guys but apparently with both prior warning and all this surveillance they were still unable to connect any dots.

So what use was setting aside everyone's 4th Amendment rights?

And sorry but Google can't sell your emails or buy your phone records. And if they did you'd call it criminal.
They didn't gather all the data in one place. It one of the main reason the IC is attempting to build private cloud that will allow access to all the data they have gather and turn it into information. The problem is the security controls and needs to know.

And yes Google and Facebook sell information about to third parties. See the 60 minute link I posted.

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