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None of that has been protected for a LONG time (in some cases never). You are seriously behind the times here bub.

Phone records? Declared public records a long time ago (not content, but records of calls which is what is being collected)
Demonstrably not true. Hence the reason the NSA needs a standing FISA warrant to collect those records.

Email records (including full text)? Only considered "private" for a very limited amount of time (180 days), and only if you haven't read it yet, and then completely unprotected. Completely outdated and useless "protection", even if you don't use "webmail" (SMTP and POP servers quite regularly store emails much, much longer than that)
True or false. If a company sniffed and read emails that had simply transferred over its network between third parties, they would be committing a crime.

This is what your government is doing.

Skype? LMAO not private at all -- just like any other service provided by Microsoft, etc.

The only way to be even remotely "private" on the internet is to encrypt everything with 3rd party encryption -- and even then it's still trivial to determine the type of information the government is collecting here (i.e. who you're talking to) because you can't encrypt that.
Here you're conflating technical security measures with lawfulness. SMTP is completely unencrypted. Nobody that I'm aware of has ever made the argument that simply because something is unencrypted (or trivially so) it becomes lawful to intercept and utilize. There's no legal basis for that. If someone uses a **** password on their hotmail account, does that mean anyone who can figure it out is legally entitled to read their email?

No, that's a crime.

If you leave your front door unlocked, do police need a warrant to search your house? It's the same thing. Because of the 4th Amendment, the government isn't only held to the same standard as private entities, it's held to a HIGHER standard.

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