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Originally Posted by peacepipe View Post
BS. Forcing your beliefs onto others is not a requirement to be pro-life. It's a requirement in being completely ignorant,but then again I could wrong,ignorant & pro-life may be one & the same.
Of course it is!

let me get something straight. If you're pro-life, you want to eliminate the choice. 100 percent. And that's fine if you believe that, I even get why you do. But there is an argument in America, and if you're pro-life, and want to overturn the law, then pushing your beliefs on others is exactly what you're doing. If you personally would NEVER have an abortion, but allow other people to make a choice, you're pro-choice.

Again, I GET IT. If you think an embryo is a human and should have the same rights as one, then you think its murder. I get that. I just dont agree.
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