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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
I have yet to see anyone "defend" it. I see a lot of people who are unable to wrap their minds around the surprise demonstrated by people who somehow didn't know or suspect this has been going on for a long time.

(Edit: After re-reading your post, I suspect the bolded part is referring to legislators. I thought you were referring to people on the board.)

Originally Posted by elsid13 View Post
I know people are going excited and political spin is going to be overboard, but in reality it about some of your fellow Americans attempting to keep you safe. They were faced with a problem and very scary potential that there were individuals in country that were out to kill innocent people.

To solve that problem they turned to technology to solve that that problem, a major strategic and tactical advantage that we have over rest of the world. They used large scale data mining and big data techniques to notice patterns and outliers to narrow their focus and then go get legal authority to investigate. Something similar that Google, Amazon and large brick and mortar companies do all the time with our data lifestyles. (There is reason Google flashes certain ads to you)

This is how they caught the dude in Denver that was going to attempt to bomb the NYC subway system. The notice activity between a known terrorist email system and seldom used email account in the US. The NSA turned that information to the FBI and CIA to investigate and follow the legal process.

In world were your life is has unique data footprint, and anyone that has resources can build a profile of your life, this is loss of privacy you live with.
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