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Originally Posted by 24champ View Post
Great season for the Kings. Nobody knows this except me and SoCal...but we talked about hockey in 2006, 7 years ago and we both predicted the Kings and Penguins would be in the finals in 2013. We were really close on that prediction, but maybe next year it will happen.

As for the Kings, we just got worn down and our style of hockey doesn't fit the condensed schedule the NHL put together for the lockout shortened season. It's not an excuse, just the reality of what happened. Playing the blues and then the Sharks took a real toll on the players, Kings made it to the WCF just on pure guts. T

The Blackhawks were the better team and have beaten us all year so the results weren't surprising. Congrats to them for winning the series, a great team. The Kings will be in the Stanley Cup conversation next season and beyond, so I'm quite happy with the core of this team and the way out GM Lombardi has built the team.
If the Kings would have won the series they'd be the ones hoisting the cup, very good team. Congrats Kings fans!
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