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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
They can't 'sell' the email. They can look for keywords. But nobody's then allowed to then just read the email (like your government does) if something catches their fancy. But it is a valid concern. Of course a fairly irrelevant one to the point at hand.
There' absolutely no material difference. Do you think the government actually sits down and reads all the trillions of emails? No, they use the same types of algorithms that Google, etc. does (hell, they probably steal the actual algorithms).

Because what you're doing is subjecting everyone to the public's lowest privacy denominator. Just because some people subject themselves to that lack of privacy (with certain communications), all communications everywhere should be subjected to the same standard without anyone's consent?

Some people may not mind living with public webcams all over their house. Does that give the Feds the right to video everyone?
Once again, no one here is defending this.
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